About the UK Emissions Trading Group (ETG)

The UK Emissions Trading Group (ETG) provides a forum for discussion between business and the UK Government and other decision makers. We exchange information and thinking with the UK Government and other decision makers on the formation, impacts and practical application of emissions trading policy and also other climate change regulation. ETG helped to establish the very first emissions trading scheme in the UK. The affairs of the ETG are managed by the ETG Board, and the ETG Secretariat is responsible for day-to-day administration. The work programme of ETG is initiated and carried out by the EU ETS Working Group and the Domestic Measures Working Group.

Personal information that we collect

We collect information about you in the following ways:


  • When an organisation first joins ETG as a subscribing member
  • At other times at the request of the individual or a representative of the subscribing member organisation.

This may include information such as an individual’s name, job title, business e-mail and postal address and phone number.

The reason for collecting this information and how we use the information

We collect this information to advise individuals from our subscribing member organisations of ETG events such as our Working Group meetings, and to provide information about our work programme. We also provide other relevant information which we believe to be of interest to our members.

We do not sell or rent any information we collect to third parties, and we take all reasonable steps to ensure that information is kept securely.

Updating your information

Please advise the ETG Secretariat (see contact details below) if your details change, or if you become aware that any other information we hold is out of date.


We take all reasonable steps to ensure that all information we send is relevant to your interests. You are able to opt out of receiving information from ETG at any time by contacting the ETG Secretariat (see contact details below). We shall then cease to hold and process your data. In the event that you have a complaint about how your data has been processed by us, please contact us but you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner.

ETG contact

If you have any questions please contact the ETG Secretariat by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling
020 7484 5274.

May 2018